about paula madonna


I have always been an artist.
Growing up at the beach, I would sit at the tideline, carving pictures into the sand with my hands, only to watch as they were swept away by the waves.
Even before I knew what it meant, I knew that I was an artist.
Now, most days, I paint beside the sea, from my home in Nantucket.
Inspired by Mother Nature herself, I paint what speaks to me.
The changing of the seasons, bright pinks and earthy umbers, deep, dark blues and bright emerald greens. The waves as they lap against the shore. The moon and stars and sky. The ever-changing blue ocean, expanding before me. The salty wind as it floats in through my open windows.
I spend the quiet winter months at my barnhouse in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The pace is slow. The mountains are grounding. It’s there that I restore my mind and spirit. I spend my days reading and painting, making big, cozy fires and taking long walks through the landscape.
Art is my expression, and nature is my muse.
As you wander through this space, it is my deepest hope that you, too, are inspired, and that my work moves you and touches you.
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